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9 Strategies to Getting Your Offer Accepted
It's a competitive market and when there are multiple offers, buyers need ways to make their offer stand out against the other offers.

Buying A Home For Your Aging Parents
Did you know that normally there is a difference between the interest rate on a mortgage against a home you live in compared to one you do NOT?  Fannie Mae allows the child of an aging parent to buy a home with a conventional loan with the same interest rate and down payment as one they live in. 

Sacramento VA Loan
Zero Mortgage Insurance, Zero Down Payment, the Sacramento VA loan is one of the best loan programs for Veterans looking to purchase or refinance. 

Low or No Money Down Loans
There are the classic zero money down loans like the USDA and VA loan programs and then there are some low down payment programs like FHA and down payment assistance programs.

FHA 203k Rehabilitation Loan
Whether you're buying a fixer upper or you want to create a dream home, the FHA 203k loan has few limitations on what you can do.  You can even include up to 6 months of mortgage payments into the loan while the work is being done.

6 MUST HAVES When Refinancing Your Mortgage
These 6 things will help ensure you get the best outcome for your refinance.  In golf, if your swing is slightly wrong, the outcome is magnanimous.  The same is true for your refinance.  If the lender and / or loan originator is slightly inferior, the results are dissatisfactory.

California HARP Refinance
For homeowners who have little equity in their home or who are "upside down" (owe more than your home is worth), you may be able to refinance your mortgage without an appraisal and you may be able to skip up to two payments.

Get Your Closing Costs On Your Purchase Covered
There is a way to "roll" the costs in, but you have to know about this method before writing your offer.

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