Sacramento FHA Loans

Sacramento FHA Loans - only 3.5% down

FHA mortgage loans are issued by federally qualified lenders and insured by the U.S. Federal Housing Authority, a division of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

There are several different types of FHA loans.  This can be a great loan for FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS but it's also a great way for qualified home buyers to get into a home with LITTLE MONEY DOWN. 


Generally easier to qualify for than conventional loans.
Lower down payment requirements
More lenient debt-to-income ratios than conventional loans
Cannot exceed statutory loan limits


Sacramento FHA Purchase - This is one of the most common 
FIRST TIME HOME BUYER PROGRAMS because of the 3.5% down payment needed.  The down payment can be in the form of a gift from a family member.  

Sacramento FHA 203k Purchase - this is a great loan if the home you want to buy needs a rehabilitation loan.  You can do so many things with this program including remodeling. Click the below icon for more information about the general guidelines and what you can do with a California FHA 203k Purchase Loan.

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Sacramento FHA Streamline - This is a great loan if the home you have already has an FHA loan on it.  The requirements are much less than getting a new FHA loan.  For more details see Sacramento FHA Streamline.  

Sacramento FHA 203k Refinance - Like the California FHA 203k Purchase Loan, this too is a Rehab Loan that can be used to remodel and / or upgrade your home.  

To see what California FHA Loan you qualify for, click Apply Now.  


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