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Being a FIRST TIME HOME BUYER is a very exciting time in your life.  Buying a home is definitely one of the biggest life changing decisions you will make.  It's crucial to have someone you are COMFORTABLE with, someone you TRUST, and someone who is EXPERIENCED to make sure you get the BEST program available and will ensure the process is as SMOOTH as possible. 


  • FHA FIRST TIME HOME BUYER - This program requires only 3.5% as a down payment as is a great LOW DOWN PAYMENT MORTGAGE for first time home buyers.  Even if you're not a FIRST TIME HOME BUYER, you may still qualify for an FHA Purchase loan.
  • USDA LOAN PROGRAM - If you're looking for ZERO DOWN PAYMENT HOME LOAN program, this could be a great FIRST TIME HOME BUYER loan program.  There are some restrictions such as the home must be in a rural area and there are income limitations that require your income must be below a certain amount (County specific).  Inquire to see if you & the property qualify by clicking the Apply Now button.
  • GIFT FUNDS - many FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS use gift funds as a way to come up with the down payment and / or closing costs.  We have many LOW CLOSING COST mortgage programs that allow gift funds including both conventional loan programs and FHA loan programs.
  • DOWN PAYMENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS - There are still some city sponsored down payment assistance programs available.  There can be income restrictions and other requirements, so please ask your loan officer to see if you qualify for one of these programs.   
  • HomeReady LOAN PROGRAM - This is a Fannie Mae sponsored Government endorsed program with more flexible undewriting guidelines for qualified borrowers and is a great FIRST TIME HOME BUYER program. Click the HOMEREADY LOAN PROGRAM for more details.  
Whether you're looking for a ZERO DOWN PAYMENT program, you're a FIRST TIME HOME BUYER, or looking for a LOW DOWN PAYMENT PROGRAM, we have the loan programs to suit your needs.  We have the most competitive rates in the industry and will exceed your customer service expectations. 

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